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Tow-Behind Brush Mower


  • Cuts 4 - 8 foot high grass, weeds, and brush
  • 44 Inch Cutting Width
  • Remote control mounted on tongue
  • Fast cutting height adjustment
  • Push and pull bars
  • Chain debris guards in front and back
  • Puncture resistant tires


The best rental equipment for clearing large fields. The adjustable tow bar accommodates ATVs, riding mowers, utility vehicles, and compact tractors. A rugged machine that goes anywhere your tow vehicle can go. Perfect for thick field grass and 2” saplings. Ideal for clearing large acreage fast and efficiently.

MSRP: $3499.99
  • I've been a long-time customer of Dirty Hand Tools and have been waiting quite some time for Vinsetta Tools. Now I can easily rent whatever my project demands!

    James C.

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